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Meet Ms. Camille Vargas!

Ms. Camille Vargas is one of our many talented and highly qualified piano teachers at ESOMA. In addition to being an outstanding piano teacher, she is a Board Certified Music Therapist. Read her interview below to learn more about her.

How do you keep your students motivated during the pandemic?   

A few things I’ve done to keep my students motivated during the pandemic is really pointing out their strengths more than usual so they feel a sense of accomplishment even through times where it may be harder to focus or feel like they’re reaching goals. For my students who participate in Certificate of Merit it’s easy to keep them motivated because we are always working on something new, learning new techniques, refining their musicianship with each new piece they learn in detail and really learning how to love their music. 

What inspired you to pursue Music Therapy?

I have always wanted to do something with my life where I can help people and express my love of music, so for me becoming a Music Therapist came very naturally. When I was younger my grandmother was sick and I felt helpless and desperately wanted a way to contribute to making her life easier. Now, I carry that same desire while helping my hospice patients through my love of music. Being able to see the joy on theirs and their families’ faces when they experience the music together is something that is unparalleled. My hope is that I can pass that love of music on to my students to be able to heal the world through as well. 



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