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Mike Osborn

Guitar Instructor

Mike is the only certified instructor in the bay area with the global organization RGT(registry of guitar tutors), based out of England.


After taking a hiatus from music for a few years to focus on raising his

children, Mike started back up again in October 2006

performing weekly and re-establishing his reputation. Mike has received rave reviews on magazine, radio and television globally. Mike still works primarily as a performing musician full time.


October 09' marked the release of his first feature album "Fire & Fury"


November 14' marked the release of his second album "In the Dog House" which received worldwide critical acclaim.


Mike's music has been played on hundreds of radio stations worldwide.

His music has been downloaded online tens of thousands of times.

Mike currently is endorsed by Epiphone guitars, GHS strings and Egnater amplifiers.


Mike teaches all ages and all skill levels. His approach is to tailor each lesson for each individual student. Focusing on knowledge of guitar, music and musicianship, The program, simply put, will move the student forward in their skills each week as one lesson always builds on the previous one.

Practical and effective would be two of the best words to describe his program.

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