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  •  Music literacy/sight reading & theory

  •  Specifically developed lessons plans catered to each student. 

  • Participate in merit/certificate based programs 

  • All styles from classical, jazz pop, hip hop etc.

  • Learn & develop music literacy skills 

  • Learn correct hand posture 

  • knowledge of music theory

  • Participate in recitals/group ensemble performances.

  • Develop ear training and sight training skills

Piano students of all ages will learn and develop their skills in music literacy/sight reading as well as mastering the rudiments/fundamentals of piano playing through teacher specifically developed lessons plans catered to each student.  Piano students will be expected to participate in merit/certificate based programs to demonstrate proficiency. Advanced students can opt for lessons in contemporary piano playing and jazz/modern styles with certain instructors.

Strings students will learn and develop music literacy skills and a fundamental understanding of playing string instruments. Students will be asked to participate in recitals/group ensemble performances that prepare them for school bands, orchestras, quartets, church choirs, and more!

Wind & Percussion
  • Learn assembly and care for instruments 

  • Knowledge of proper hand posture and hand positions 

  • Proper breathing techniques 

  • Music terminology and techniques specific to woodwind  and percussion instruments

  • Awareness of timing and physical execution

We offer lessons in a wide array of wind/percussion instruments including: Flute/Clarinet/Saxophone/Trumpet/Trombone/Tuba/French Horn/ Drums/Percussion (snare drums, percussion, and pitched percussion instruments)


  • Healthy breathing practices & technique

  • Knowledge of proper voice health and maintenance

  • Understand vocal and musical vocabulary

  • Styles/performance techniques suited to their own personal choice.

  •  Basic Stage Acting

  •  Pronunciation, articulation, enunciation 

  •  Voice Projection, Singing & Musical Theory

  • Characterization and stage blocking

  • Calisthenics for dancing and acting

  • Pantomime and improvisation

Voice students will be able to learn various styles of vocal performance and genres of their choice. Fundamentals of breathing, breath control, and mastering the nuances of singing in a wide array of styles will be taught.

Theatre acting students will learn various skills such as blocking, enunciation, improvisation and story telling. They will also be able to participate in musicals and plays to showcase their skills. This program works in conjunction with our partner organization NorCal Academy of Performing Arts.

  • Hip Hop, ballroom  and other styles to be taught coming soon. 

  • Learn lead and folow techniques of ballroom dancing

  • Knowledge of the different ballroom styles such as Tango, Waltz, Foxtrot, Latin etc.

  • Learn  dance terminology 

  • Classes available for all ages!

We currently offer Hip Hop and Ballroom dance classes for all ages from small to large groups. Please inquire about our current offerings once our dance studio space opens back up.

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