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In the spirit of the new year, ESOMA is thrilled to announce that we are.... currently under renovation!

What is part of our new renovation plan you ask? Well, here's the run down!

Our music studio will now have:

-Bigger Rooms. Every room, bathroom and entrance/exit in our studio will now be ADA accessible. Bigger rooms will also enable to teach private lessons while maintaining a safe and healthy social distanced lesson.

-Bigger Performance Hall. The bigger hall will now have the ability to host even larger group lessons such as dance, choir and musical theater classes. 

-New Technology. Our new hall will have brand new flat screen tvs and media carts to host readily host online group lessons.

-New Signs. Now you will not have trouble finding us on Google Maps anymore! Our new signs and logo will now be displayed outside of our studio so you can easily see us.



-New logo. We are also in the process of developing a new website and logo to match our new vision for the music studio! 

We are very excited for the future of ESOMA and hope to provide every person in the Evergreen community and beyond  an opportunity to explore their love for music, dance, and arts. The new ESOMA will be a modern and welcome addition to the Evergreen community.


If you would like to register for lessons please give us a call/text us at 408-772-6129 or email at

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