Auditions going on now for our next NAPA Musical:


Auditions taking place at ESOMA. Click This Link For More Information.


Monday June 20th at ESOMA – 5:30pm to 7pm. Please call (408) 775 1102 or email us at Napa2860@yahoo.com to confirm your audition slot today!

Matthew Davis - Headshot Feb 2016


NEW INSTRUMENT INSTRUCTOR: Mr. Matt Davis will be teaching electric bass (bass guitar) and acoustic bass (upright bass) as well as beginning piano. You can find out more information about Matthew clicking THIS LINK. To inquire about available times please contact Ms. Amelia Sablad at (408) 223 1888 or email us at info@evergreensoma.com



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NEW VOCAL INSTRUCTOR: ESOMA welcomes a new voice teacher, Ms. Stacy Carter! To inquire about lessons, please call us at (408) 223 1888 or email us at info@evergreensoma.com. To learn more about Stacy, Click this link!









Music is a universal language that can be enjoyed across any boundary. It transcends differences in background, culture and even age groups to bring together a universal platform for everyone. With this belief in mind, the Evergreen Studio of Music & the Arts reaches out to the entire Bay Area bringing students of music and performance together in pursuit of one goal, to ensure the future of musicianship. Our mission is to provide quality music and arts instruction, as well as create an enriching environment that fosters achievement and creativity toward personal development for students of all age levels and backgrounds. Through encouragement, support and gentle guidance we help our students hone their skills while teaching them the importance of camaraderie, teamwork and discipline. 

We are quickly becoming one of Silicon Valley’s most sought after schools for private lessons in:

  • Piano
  • Violin
  • Guitar
  • Saxophone
  • Flute
  • Clarinet
  • Voice
  • Children’s Chorus
  • Theater
  • Acting
  • And much more!!

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Evergreen Studio of Music & the Arts: 2860 Aborn Rd San Jose, CA 95135 (408) 223 1888 info@evergreensoma.com